Ways a Home Remodel Can Accommodate Older Family Members

More than 30 percent of American adults live in a shared household where other adults are present. This means more families welcome ageing relatives into their homes. If you plan to invite older family members into your existing home and family, chances are you’ll need to make a few adjustments.

Some seniors require certain living space accommodations that your home might not possess. If you need to create a home that fits the unique needs of ageing loved ones, take a look at some of the ways a home remodel can help.

Bathroom Renovation

If your home is blessed with enough bathrooms for everyone, including your newest senior family members, simply choose a ground-floor bathroom for renovation. Seniors that have difficulty using stairs will appreciate the convenience of a main floor bathroom rather than one located on the second floor.

To make a bathroom suitable for those with physical challenges, change out the existing bathtub for a roomy easy-access shower. For those that have difficulty showering in a standing position, install a walk-in bathtub to make it easier for your loved ones to bathe in a seated position.

You can also replace the toilet with a model that sits higher above the floor for ease of sitting and standing. To help keep users safe, don’t forget to add safety bars near the toilet and inside the shower if necessary. These bars attach firmly to the wall to provide support for unsteady loved ones.

Along with switching the bathroom fixtures, consider widening the doorway to the bathroom so it can accommodate a wheelchair if necessary.

Main Floor Addition

If your older family members that move in with you are still relatively independent, they may only request a single bedroom. However, they might desire more than just a place to sleep. They probably still want room to cook occasional meals, relax and watch TV, or work on hobbies like sewing or crafting.

One way you can give them the space they need is to add on a main floor addition, guest house, or guest suite that consists of a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchenette. With a private space of their own, your loved ones can have their privacy and enjoy an independent living area. This is especially helpful if your existing family has several small children.

Because the new space is an addition to your home, your relatives are still nearby when they need assistance or just want to visit.

Second Floor Addition

Your home might not be large enough to provide an extra bedroom, bathroom, or main floor addition to accommodate ageing parents or other relatives. If this is the case, the least-expensive option may be adding a second floor onto your one-story home, especially when the average annual cost for nursing homes hovers around $80,000.

A second floor nearly doubles the square footage of your home and provides plenty of room upstairs for your existing family to move into. The main-floor bedrooms can now be devoted to space for your older loved ones. Ground-floor living space eliminates the need for older family members to navigate difficult stairs.

Your family can enjoy the blessings that come with living with older parents or relatives. It doesn’t matter if your home is large or small. When you find the right builder to plan and renovate, you can welcome seniors into your home and provide them with a safe bathroom or a living space of their own.

Whether you need a bathroom renovation, a main-floor addition, or a second story build, the caring professionals at Genuine Home Builders, Inc. can construct a warm, inviting space for your loved ones.

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