3 Tips for a Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodel

kid-friendly-bathroomA bathroom remodel can add a lot to your life. With the right selections, the remodel will add appeal and value to your home and can offer an estimated 50 to 60 percent return on your investment if you decide to sell in the future. If you have young children in the home, a remodel can improve the basic function and enjoyment of the bathroom too.

Of course, you should know which updates are best if you want to add value and make your bathroom more kid-friendly. This guide with your contractor will help you remodel your bathroom with your kids and their needs in mind.

1. Make It Accessible

While you want the bathroom to be functional for everyone in the home, your children must also be able to use it comfortably. Fortunately, some updates will ensure the bathroom is accessible for your kids while still allowing access for others in the family.

The vanity is a great place to start. Consider a vanity that has an open space under each sink. This space can be used to store a footstool so your kids will be able to easily reach the sink.

As your children grow, the opened space can be used to store a more traditional stool, which can be used as a basic seat for bathing, applying makeup, shaving, and even dressing.

Many builders choose to install showers only in bathrooms. Showers are great for most people in the family, but they are not the ideal option if you have young children. At least one bathroom should have a tub if you ever want to sell the home because families with young children need bathtubs.

If you only have a shower stall in the bathroom, replace it with a tub/shower combination. You can bathe your child in the tub when they are young without preventing other family members from having access to a shower.

2. Get Organized

For most families with young children, storage and organization are issues. Thankfully, a remodel is a great time to create an organized bathroom space for your children.

If you have the space, consider implementing a linen closet in the bathroom. Even a small linen closet can become a great space for storing not only towels, washcloths, and toiletries but also your children’s bath toys.

If you do not have space for an actual linen closet, built-ins can be added into empty wall space in the bathroom. Store towels and toiletries for easy access after bathing in small cut-outs and nooks next to the tub.

Finally, make sure your bathroom has a good number of towel bars and hooks for towels and robes. Choose the bars and racks in finishes that match your sink and tub faucets to bring the entire look of the bathroom together. Arrange the towel bars and robe hooks at varying heights so all members of the family can use them.

3. Reduce Cleaning

Children make messes, but the right updates can help reduce the amount of cleaning and maintenance your bathroom will need.

Flat paint finishes show fingerprints and other marks easily. If you try to clean the walls by wiping the marks off, you could end up making them worse. Fingerprints and other marks can be washed away effectively from walls painted with eggshell satin or semi-gloss paint finishes.

The type of sink you choose can also help reduce messes. Dirt and bacteria can build up under the rims of traditional top-mounted sinks, so consider undermount sinks to help keep your countertop surface clean and sanitized.

Finally, install touchless sink faucets, which turn the water flow off and on without actual contact with the fixture. Children (and other family members) will love the futuristic nature of these touchless faucets, but the ability to keep these faucets clean and sanitized is another bonus.

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