11 2019 Oct

3 Tips for a Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodel

kid-friendly-bathroomA bathroom remodel can add a lot to your life. With the right selections, the remodel will add appeal and value to your home and can offer an estimated 50 to 60 percent return on your investment if you decide to sell in the future. If you have young children in the home, a remodel can improve the basic function and enjoyment of the bathroom too. Continue reading…

30 2019 Jul

3 Main Differences Between Historical and Modern Home Renovations

538ba81d-e326-4ba6-a80e-7427d1c4658fAre you renovating an historical house? Many aspects of vintage home remodeling are similar to modern home remodeling, but there are a few significant differences. What are these? And how can they impact your remodeling plans? Here are the top three differences.

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5 2019 Jun

4 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Plan a Master Suite

94b6d857-270a-4109-b5ea-28aba34b1de7One of the biggest advantages to hiring professional contractors is you get the benefit of their vast experience. However, even before you get to that stage, you’ll want to have some ideas for how your custom home should look and function.

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10 2019 Apr

Should You Hire A Handyman Or A Contractor? 5 Considerations

For many homeowners, smaller remodel jobs bring up an important question. Should you hire a handyman to do the work or get a contractor? You have likely gotten plenty of well-meaning advice from others, but what is the right choice for your situation? Here are a few criteria to help you decide.

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13 2019 Feb

Ways a Home Remodel Can Accommodate Older Family Members

More than 30 percent of American adults live in a shared household where other adults are present. This means more families welcome ageing relatives into their homes. If you plan to invite older family members into your existing home and family, chances are you’ll need to make a few adjustments.

Some seniors require certain living space accommodations that your home might not possess. If you need to create a home that fits the unique needs of ageing loved ones, take a look at some of the ways a home remodel can help. Continue reading…