Best Home Builders of Naples Florida | FAQs

What do you specialize in?

With over 35 years in the Construction Industry, we have a wide range of experience in New Home Construction, Home Additions, Interior Renovations, Interior Remodels, Kitchen and Bath upgrades, Outdoor Living, Home Theatres, Exterior Facelifts, as well as many other areas of expertise.

Why choose a Builder over a Handyman?

A General Contractor is licensed and insured and regulated by the Local and Federal Government.  General Contractors are familiar with all aspects of constructing a home, whereas a Handyman may not be trained or  familiar with all areas of the Building process.

A Handyman license limits them to cosmetic items and should not be used for any Mechanical or Structural alterations.  If you would like to know more about the license requirements click on this link to the Department of Professional Regulation. 

What are Allowances?

An allowance in a construction contract gives you a budget to spend on a particular phase or material for your home (e.g., Light Fixture budget, Tile Material budget, Cabinet budget).  This is used when details or specifications are not available for the work to be performed.

If the value of the allowance in the contract is greater than what is spent for the actual product selected, the contractor will refund the difference to the homeowner. If the Owner chooses a product that exceeds the Allowance amount, the Owner will be notified before the monies are spent so they have the option to make a different selection.  If the higher cost product is chosen, the Contractor writes up a change order for the cost difference plus a mark up on the difference in price.

What is a change order?

A change order is a written agreement between the Contractor and Homeowner when there is an adjustment in the scope of work from the original signed contract.  This is necessary in order to keep every one informed and deliver the expected end result.

When would you need a change order?

  • The homeowner wants to make changes to the original contracted scope of work during construction
  • During construction of the project, additional features or options are requested
  • Architectural & Structural changes

Is a building permit necessary?

A building permit is needed for all construction projects large or small.  This is necessary to ensure that construction meets all building codes and is safe.  It protects you, the Homeowner.

Property Owners should keep in mind if they sell their property, you will need to provide documents to show perspective buyers that all work was done properly and meets all local building codes.

Here is a link to the City of Naples Building Department  that will answer questions as to when you should obtain a Building Permit.

Is our work guaranteed?

All of our work has a one year guarantee from the date of completion.  Some of the product manufacturers have a longer warranty period such as Air conditioners, Garage Doors, Roofing material just to name a few.   Warranty details are reviewed during the Closing and contact information is provided to the new owner.


Do we provide references?
We are happy to provide references upon request.  We have a long list of satisfied customers that will be happy to speak to you.
Please check out the photos on our webpage to see examples of our work.