New Home Additions in Naples, FL

Is your current home too small for your needs? Do you want to add a room for a dedicated purpose? Whatever your needs, you can fulfill them with Genuine Home Builders, Inc. We provide quality, safe, and superior new home additions for your Naples, FL, home.

What Can I Do With a New Home Addition?

The possibilities are endless with additional space to your home. Use your new home addition to:

  • Cultivate a hobby
  • Enjoy the outdoors
  • Provide space for new family members or guests
  • Expand a current room

Whether you want to use your space for family get-togethers, put in a custom bathroom, or enjoy quiet days reading, you can rely on us for help.

How Can Genuine Home Builders, Inc., Help Me?

When you have a vision, we have an answer. Our husband-and-wife team has decades of experience to handle any request or challenge that comes our way.

Furthermore, we are a turnkey building company. This means that we supply the products, paperwork, scheduling, and management while still keeping you informed of the progress along the way. Our turnkey approach allows us to never miss a deadline, helping us meet your expectations and ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Additionally, we have all the proper licenses, insurance, experience, and knowledge to provide you with a safe and quality product. You won’t have to worry about substandard products, subpar construction, or unsafe structures with us.

We also know the area. We know the local building codes, weather patterns, soil conditions, and building trends. This enables us to provide you with a quality product that is up-to-code and contemporary and matches surrounding homes in structural quality.

Whether you dream of expanding your home or simply need more room, turn to us at Genuine Home Builders, Inc. We want to make your home-addition dreams come true. Call us at 239.263.5015 to learn more today.